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TrombaAI automation intelligence workflow transactional cloud solution


TrombaAI automation intelligence workflow cloud solution

TrombaAI provides automated and intelligent process orchestration, sometimes called workflow.  TrombaAI's workflow is more than routing with rules.  TrombaAI enables dynamic changes in operating models and procedures.  TrombaAI combines user interaction and automation intelligence to provide accurate, quick, and reproducible results every time!  Any process can be digitally managed and improved over manual methods. 


With TrombaAI workflows, analytics and process intelligence can be gathered to know the "what's," "who's," "when's," and "how long's" for any process.  Do you need to understand transactional trends better?  Are you struggling to get accurate "Key Performance Indicators"?  TrombaAI can provide a complete analytics dashboard to help you improve your operations.


TrombaAI can help you manage the reinvention of existing business processes and the creation of novel business processes in support of both digital optimization and digital transformation efforts.


TrombaAI workflows enable Self-Service portals and automation.


TrombaAI managed processes and workflows support the top-down and bottom-up redesign of your business operations and processes.


TrombaAI workflow helps you launch new digitally enabled services, establish new benefit programs, and pursue new business models that can only be possible with digital technologies and approaches.

Automation Intelligence

TrombaAI workflows bring all automation technologies into a single and seamless platform.  Automation Intelligence technologies available are Cognitive Document Automation, Robotics Process Automation, Customer Communication Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management, Self-Service Portals, Electronic Form management with digital signature support, Business Analytics, and Process Analytics.


TrombaAI workflows improve your business outcomes for all types of work, not just structured and repeatable business processes.


TrombaAI process and workflow is the fundamental driving force to IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY and Transform CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Case Management

TrombaAI supports transaction workflows as well as dynamic and adaptive case management.  TrombaAI supports the ability to execute unstructured, semi-structured, and fully structured processes.

Contact us today to learn more about the TrombaAI cloud platform and how we address specific security and compliance requirements.

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