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TrombaAI for Claims transactional cloud solution
Tromba AI for Claims automation intelligence cloud solution

TrombaAI is the Automation Intelligence solution of tomorrow for today's claim processing.

Medical, Accident, and Injury Claim Automation

Are you a health insurer, an accident insurer, or an injury insurer?  Like others, is processing the claim forms your highest operational cost?  Does outsourcing the processing have quality issues?  Have you tried to automate the process but still have an array of inefficient manual and digital steps spread across multiple systems?  Are there processing delays due to manual processing?  Does it take too long to identify claims with processing issues and then resolve the claim with the provider?  Are you able to identify where a claim is in the process?  Can you determine if there are processing bottlenecks and if a claim missed quality control steps?

Using TrombaAI for Claims, you can process more claims in less time and with fewer resources.  With TrombaAI automation intelligence, your claims processing will have great accuracy.  Take control of your claim process today with TrombaAI for Claims.  TrombaAI for Claims will automatically identify CMS-1500 (HCFA) forms, UB-04 (UB-92), and ADA Dental forms.  TrombaAI will capture, extract, and validate all the data on the forms.  TrombaAI can automatically notify your exception process for problem claims and provides a portal that allows providers to submit feedback and updated claims to self-service claim resolution.

TrombaAI exports all data as compliant EDI (UB04: 837I (Institutional) 005010X223A2 and CMS1500: 837P (Professional) 005010X222A1) for effortless integrations.

Contact us today to learn the how TrombaAI can benefit your organization.

Tromba AI for Claims benefits


  • Speed reimbursement and eliminate inaccurate payments

  • Fast ROI

  • Gain Complete and Clear Visibility

  • Satisfy Customers

  • Improve Quality

  • Gain Operational Flexibility

Improve Processes and Speed Claims Reimbursement

TrombaAI will optimize your claims processing workflow, enforce business controls, provide clear and actionable claims performance analytics, and drive continuous process improvement.  Automated rules and processors can reject claims; examiners will collaborate with billers through resolution, speeding the return and correction process.  Most importantly, only "clean claims" are delivered to payment workflows, reducing adjudication exceptions and ensuring accurate payments.

Future Proof Your Business

TrombaAI for Claims is a pre-built claims solution optimized for digitization and pre-adjudication for claims, which integrates "clean claims" into your downstream adjudication process.  This allows you to reap the benefits very quickly.  Additionally, TrombaAI for Claims is built using flexible automation intelligence modules that provide maximum flexibility today and tomorrow.  This insulates your business to the fluctuations in business and regulation changes of the future.

Best Practice Operational Analytics

TrombaAI can provide visibility into your claims processing performance.  TrombaAI document intelligence and process intelligence will help you identify bottlenecks and cost-saving opportunities.  TrombaAI for Claims has built-in best practice workflows so medical coding review and approval are efficient and conform to policy.  Track and analyze processor performance and leverage information to improve processing and ensure compliance.

Fast Return on Investment

TrombaAI automates steps that are manual in your current workflow.  Whether it is pre-sorting on intake and validating claim data exists, from correctly identifying and routing each problem claim to conversion and routing of only "clan claims" to adjudication processing,  TrombaAI automates all of that and much more.  The result is efficiency, a standard set of controls, and consistent and repeatable processing that simply works while reducing cycle times and cost for every claim.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

TrombaAI helps to improve business relationships through greater responsiveness and transparency.  This is done with a customer self-service portal that can share accurate, current information with billers, subscribers, and internal customers.  TrombaAI for Claims self-service portal satisfies all claim status requests from the point of capture throughout the claim process.  You can identify, reject, return, and resolve claims with biller-initiated errors in a fraction of today's time.  Adjudicate and pay "clean claims" quickly and accurately;  all while meeting established SLAs expected by billers, insurers, and your CFO.

Reduce Processing Cost While Eliminating Processing Inefficiency Today

Use TrombaAI to capture and transform paper-based claims using automated processes and intelligent verification technologies.  Accurately extract and validate all subscriber, provider, and medical information, including service lines against medical code sets, NUBC, NUCC, and EDI rules, insurer-specific rules, and master subscriber and provider data.

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