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TrombaAI Automation Intelligence Solutions

TrombaAI Solutions

TrombaAI is the Automation Intelligence solution of tomorrow for today's workforce.

TrombaAI is a unique cloud Automation Intelligence solution that overcomes the obstacles for organizations to benefit from Automation Intelligence today.

Is the obstacle:

  • Entry costs?

  • Total Cost of Ownership to maintain software, environment, and knowledge?

  • Capital expenditure versus monthly expense?

  • Datacenter overhead?

  • Software upgrades?

  • Specialized IT resourcing? 

  • Secure access from anywhere at any time?

  • High-priced consultants?

  • Does your organization not fit the "cookie-cutter" or "black-box" solutions that are out there?

TrombaAI has predefined configurations that meet many needs and provide industry best practices.  Additionally, TrombaAI can be modified and configured to meet your specific needs.  So you have a starting point as well as the ability to make the solution fit you.

TrombaAI Custom Solution

TrombaAI customized cloud solution for your needs

Automated Intelligence for YOU

In addition to the existing TrombaAI solutions, TrombaAI can be tailored to your specific needs.  TrombaAI is built on a framework of automation intelligence technologies.  Existing solutions can be modified to accommodate you, or new automaton solutions can be tailored specifically for you.

TrombaAI Pre-Built Solutions

Tromba AI for Invoices tranactional solution

TrombaAI for Invoices helps organizations with AP automation. Organizations continue to prioritize managing their cash flow needs with their changing workforce dynamics. TrombaAI provides industry-leading invoice capture and process automation. 

Tromba AI for HR cloud solution

TrombaAI for HR helps organizations automate the capture of personnel documents. Or transform your paper forms into TrombaAI digital forms with signature support.

Tromba AI for Claims cloud solution

TrombaAI for Claims is built on industry-leading best practices for processing medical, accident, and injury claims. Reduce the greatest operational costs, eliminate manual steps, or stop outsourcing claims processing. 

Tromba AI for Government cloud solution

With Intelligent tools like mobile capture, cognitive document automation, dynamic case management, and robotic process automation, other tools improve constituent engagement and satisfaction.

Tromba AI for Onboarding cloud solution

Customer onboarding is one of the most important interactions with new customers.  TrombaAI helps to reduce the time and cost of all onboarding processes.

Tromba AI for Mailroom.png

TrombaAI for Mailroom helps organizations automate their digital mailroom. Handling large volumes of documents is complicated. TrombaAI utilizes industry-leading software that specializes in identifying and classifying documents, extracting key information, and then using that information in advanced workflows that make your business more productive and accurate.

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