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Tromba AI for HR automation intelligence cloud solution

TrombaAI is the Automation Intelligence solution of tomorrow for today's Human Resources.

Human Resources Automation

So you’ve spent time, money, and effort finding the perfect employee.  Yet with an inefficient HR process, that new hire may receive and accept a competing offer letter sooner.  Or, in the future, they could leave the company because they don’t get the service they need to feel valued.  We understand; that good help is hard to find and sometimes harder to keep happy.

TrombaAI's unique framework of Automation Intelligence can help busy HR professionals navigate the complexities of human capital management from the first interaction of interviewing, employee onboarding, employee packets, and document compliance.  TrombaAI can gather all documentation from electronic forms to scanned documents.  TrombaAI automation ensures that every step is completed on schedule and alerts you to potential delays.  TrombaAI can collect and route all required documents for new employees, create requirement checklists, deliver notifications, and track activities while providing appropriate feedback.

Do you have a backfile of employee packets that are paper?  Or do you have a large number of electronic files in folders, and do you know what is where?  TrombaAI automation intelligence can digitize and transform paper forms.  The type of document and employee information in the document can automatically be determined, making your large pile(s) of HR documentation searchable and finally capable of meeting legal and corporate policies.

Contact us today to learn how TrombaAI can meet your HR automation needs.

Contact us today to learn the how TrombaAI can benefit your organization.

Tromba AI for HR cloud solution benefits


  • Gain Complete and Clear Visibility

  • Satisfy Customers

  • Improve Quality

  • Gain Operational Flexibility

  • Mitigate Risks and Guarantee Compliance

Cognitive Document Automation

TrombaAI is ready to automate the capture of Human Resource documents today!  Automatically separate, classify, and extract the employee related data.

Mitigate Risks and Ensure Compliance

TrombaAI can integrate with third-party services to execute identity verification, Know Your Customer (KYC), anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, and other regulatory compliance checks.  TrombaAI helps you make sure that nothing "falls through the cracks," "enters a black hole," or the proverbial "not my job can."

Electronic Forms

Move past paper forms. Automate the HR employee forms and data capture using Tromba Technologies' automation platform electric form capabilities

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