TrombaAI for Government transactional cloud solution
Tromba AI for Government automation intelligence cloud solution

TrombaAI is the Automation Intelligence solution of tomorrow for today's Constituent Benefit Programs.

Constituent Benefit Program Automation

TrombaAI can be used by diverse agencies at virtually every level of government to manage growing volumes of data and transactions. By automating processes, government offices and agencies can improve service levels for their constituents – even when budgets shrink. By taking over the details of document management, TrombaAI gives you more freedom to connect with the people and communities you serve.

TrombaAI helps government agencies get control of the vast amount of information needed to provide services.  This includes applications for everything from driver’s licenses, to building permits, court records, intake forms, inspections and beyond.  Above all else, our solutions help to achieve desired outcomes, such as getting benefits to a needy family more quickly, ensuring that a building project is on the tax rolls sooner, or securely sharing records between law enforcement, courts and the public.

In the public sector, the journey to digital transformation has been slow due to an aging and retiring workforce, difficulty attracting and hiring new IT talent and the reality of budgetary constraints.  Yet citizens increasingly expect government to behave more like the private sector in how it engages with and serves them.  Pressures to reduce costs and evolving regulatory requirements are also driving many government agencies toward digital transformation.

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  • Gain Complete and Clear Visibility

  • Satisfy Customers

  • Improve Quality

  • Gain Operational Flexibility

  • Mitigate Risks and Guarantee Compliance

Constituent Onboarding

Your application process, including public assistance program enrollment, is your most important constituent engagement.  Application automation simplifies the collection and processing of constituent information for government programs and allows you to interact with constituents the way they want, so your first impression will make a lasting positive impact.

Digital Mailroom

The time you spend sorting and manually processing incoming documents, correspondence and business mail, is time taken away from serving your constituents and moving your government services forward.  Capture and classify data at the point of entry from a variety of formats, including handwritten documents, faxes and emails, and quickly route process-ready information to multiple locations for lower operational costs and greater operational efficiency.

Case Management

Manually managing processes and papers is time-consuming, costly and error-prone.  Whether you’re running public assistance programs, handling claims or processing court cases, replace slow paper-based case management activities with automated processes and allow caseworkers to make faster, more informed decisions and focus on serving constituents instead of pushing paper.