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TrombaAI automation intelligence robitic process management RPA cloud solution

Robotic Process Management

Is your organization built around manual work, many different sources of data, disconnected systems, and riddle with exceptions? Many organizations get "stuck in the cycle of "it has worked in the past, so we will keep doing it."  Many times, that involves "throwing" more people at problems.  "Throwing" more people at business problems today is much more complicated with the traditional model of a cubical workforce possibly no longer standard for your organization.  There is a significant cost to human labor. Additionally, there are vast challenges to working through process bottlenecks and data entry errors that can impact organization-wide KPIs such as processing times, compliance, customer responsiveness, and an organization's ability to innovate and grow.

TrombaAI can help you automate manual, repetitive, and tedious data entry tasks.  Complement your existing business processes with robotic process automation.  Put a digital workforce to work for you today, eliminating data entry errors, delivering 100% accuracy, and reducing processing time!

TrombaAI RPA transactional cloud solution

Robotic Process Automation

RPA uses software with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform. These tasks can include queries, calculations, and maintenance of records and transactions.

Audit Trail

RPA fully maintaines logs essential for compliance.


RPA executes identical process and tasks, reducing the output variation.

Elasticity / Flexibility

RPA has an instant ramp up/down to dela with spikes and trough in processing demand.


RPA frees up manual resources allowing them to do more value-added tasks.

Reduced IT Costs

RPA is a non-invasive technology; can be overlaid on existing systems; no disruption to underlying legacy systems; reducing the burden on IT.


RPA executes identical process and tasks, reducing the output variation.


RPA has the right result, decision or calculation every time.

Staff Retention

RPA facilitates the focus shift towards more stimulating tasks.


RPA can execute 24/7, all year round, and with full availbility.

Contact us today to learn more about the TrombaAI cloud platform and how we address specific security and compliance requirements.

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