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TrombaAI Solution Framework Building Blocks

TrombaAI is a cloud platform built with automation building blocks that can be assembled much like a puzzle.  These building blocks or puzzle pieces are industry-recognized automation intelligence technologies that we fit together and arrange in any order and in any manner to solve your business needs.  There is no lengthy or error-prone coding or development involved.  Tromba can quickly make modifications and new solutions to meet your needs and get you into the driver's seat for automation benefits today.

Do you have unique automation process requirements where you cannot find a solution that fits you?  Some of our customers do.  Or do you have straightforward automation processing needs and are looking for a low-cost solution to step into?  TrombaAI has pre-built solutions for Invoice process and claim processing.  These pre-built solutions cover standard requirements and process best practices.  But they can also be tailored to meet unique requirements.  For Onboarding, HR, and Government solutions, TrombaAI has intelligent automation components ready to be configured to meet your specific needs.

TrombaAI Framework Building Blocks

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Cloud Solution

TrombaAI is entirely built in the Azure cloud using Azure advanced security and threat monitoring capabilities. Meet your security and compliance requirements with TrombaAI today!

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TrombaAI provides the capabilities to create any digital workflow, business process, and dynamic case management.  It's not just manual steps or queues.  It could be entirely automation intelligence.  Or it could be the right balance of automation combined with approval and validation steps to create the optimal digital workflow process.

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Cognitive Document Automation

Cognitive Document Automation is using automation technologies to intelligently automate the acquisition, understanding, and integration of all types of information across an organization, especially unstructured data in documents and emails.

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Enterprise Content Management

TrombaAI has a full-featured ECM repository to allow you and your customer's the ability to search and retrieve documents securely.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

TrombaAI uses RPA to automate manual, repetitive, and even tedious data entry tasks.  RPA can lookup and validate automation results and apply layers of intelligence to create a digital workforce eliminating data entry errors while reducing processing times.

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Self-Service Portals

TrombaAI has the ability to create internal and external use portals.  Your employees can easily and quickly interact with processes, documents, forms, and statuses and help to resolve issues in real-time.

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