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TrombaAI Enterprise Conetn Management ECM transactional cloud solution

Enterprise Content Management

TrombaAI automation intelligence Enterprise Content Management cloud solution

What you don’t know or can’t efficiently access can hurt you. This is especially true if you don’t have critical information needed to provide superior customer service, complete a transaction, or adhere to compliance and security standards. Document Management with TrombaAI makes it easy to store all critical business content, scanned images, Word documents, audio/video files, email, and more, all in a secure, centralized repository. Users can set Records Management policies with destruction schedules against their content to ensure they’re in full compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Do you find that your electronic processes depend on forms that become paper?  Do you have paper forms that ultimately get printed and signed?  Have you tried creating PDF forms, and yet they still become paper?  TrombaAI has Electronic Forms with digital signature support that will empower your enterprise by eliminating paper processes, overcoming the PDF chaos, and integrating with automated workflow to capture information anytime from anywhere.

Any Content

TrombaAI can manage any content from documents, emails, to media such as videos.

Electronic Forms

TrombaAI provides full Electronic Forms support.  Electronic Forms can be available off-line and have digital signature support, like DocuSign, to eliminate the requirements of paper and "wet" signature for compliance.

Records Management

TrombaAI can maintain document destruction policies and provide complete destruction reports.


TrombaAI ECM supports collaboration of multiple contributors to a single document.  An example of this is contract management red-lining with multiple edits on a single contract document.


TrombaAI provides complete auditing capabilities to know who looked at what and when.  User permissions are down to specific documents so you have complete control over your enterprise content repository.

Any Time

TrombaAI provides secure access to your content 24/7.

Contact us today to learn more about the TrombaAI cloud platform and how we address specific security and compliance requirements.

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