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It is never too late to digitize your mailroom

While workers have returned to the office, the mailroom will never return to how it was before the pandemic. Your company may have to exchange information with customers, suppliers, employees, or co-workers with remote or hybrid needs. The traditional mailroom can't keep up with the speed of a digital one, even with employees all in the office. The changes in the world, market, and industry make a digitized mailroom an absolute necessity in this new corporate reality.

Handling large volumes of documents is complicated. Your company needs to be able to communicate and access critical data and people throughout the company. Document handling issues can no longer be a roadblock for your company. A digital mailroom helps start these critical processes. Getting documents digitized and moved allows your company to be at its most efficient.

You could scan and export each document to “digitize,” but what's the difference from just putting the documents in file cabinets? Document Automation ensures the documents get to the necessary recipients and the correct business processes. Tromba Technologies utilizes industry-leading software that specializes in identifying and classifying documents, extracting critical pieces of information, and then using that information in advanced workflows that make your business more productive.


5 Benefits of a Digital Mailroom:

  1. Reduce operating costs and drive revenue with better business processes: Intelligent automation allows you to scale centrally managed mailroom operations and generate more revenue.

  2. Increase the speed of business without months of development: Deploy automation to new process activities as your business needs and priorities change without the need for coding and months of development. Build and deploy automation in a matter of days and weeks—without ripping out platforms that are core to your business or re-engineering processes.

  3. Improve customer experience: Deliver fully digital customer engagement interactions anytime, anywhere. Accelerate engagement by delivering low-latency, two-way, omnichannel customer communication faster, more targeted, and less expensive.

  4. Improve visibility and gain critical insight: Improve information visibility and accuracy and ensure regulatory compliance. Gain insight into automation KPIs with ready-to-go capture and process dashboards and customizable dashboards.

  5. Mitigate Risks and Ensure Compliance: Tromba can integrate with third-party services to execute identity verification, Know Your Customer (KYC), anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, and other needed regulatory compliance checks. Automation helps you make sure that nothing "falls through the cracks," "enters a black hole," or the proverbial "not my job can."

A digital mailroom empowers your company to be most efficient and productive. Tromba Technologies has decades of experience deploying solutions that help customers digitize their documents and improve their work processes. Contact us at


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