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TrombaAI for Mailroom

In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations receive a vast amount of incoming mail, including letters, flats, parcels, forwarded mail, business reply mail, and bundles. Managing this influx of physical mail can be time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors. Your company may have to exchange information with customers, suppliers, employees, or co-workers with remote or hybrid needs. The traditional mailroom can't keep up with the speed of a digital one, even with all employees onsite. The daily changes in the world, market, and industry make a digitized mailroom necessary. 

You could scan and export each document to "digitize," but what's the difference from just putting the documents in file cabinets? A digital mailroom solution is a comprehensive system streamlining the mail management process. Automated Intelligence Document Processing (AIDP) ensures the documents get to the necessary recipients electronically and inputs data into the correct business processes quicker and more accurately than the outdated paper-intensive processes.

Using TrombaAI for Mailroom, you can utilize AIDP to identify and classify documents, extract key information, and validate all of the data on the documents. TrombaAI can automatically notify your exception process for problem documents and can provide a portal that allows vendors to submit feedback and updated documents for self-service resolution.


  • Increase the speed of business without months of development

  • Reduce operating costs and drive revenue with better business processes

  • Satisfy Customers

  • Gain Complete and Clear Visibility

  • Improve Quality

  • Gain Operational Flexibility

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