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TrombaAI for HR


TrombaAI's unique framework of automation intelligence can help busy HR professionals navigate the complexities of human capital management from the first interaction, onboarding, employee packets, and document compliance. TrombaAI can gather all documentation from electronic forms to scanned documents. Automation ensures that every step is completed on time with alerts to potential delays. TrombaAI for HR will collect required documents for new hires, create requirement checklists, deliver notifications, and track activities, all while automating putting the document into the correct employee file with minimal human effort.

HR is responsible for so many procedures; it can feel as though the piles of paperwork are never-ending, and the manual administrative tasks go on and on. Trying to run a busy HR department with information based on paper, spreadsheets, or manual databases just doesn’t cut it in today’s modern business environment.

TrombaAI HR gives your team everything needed to operate efficiently. Employee data is easily accessible in one place, so you'll never have to switch platforms, access multiple systems, or re-key information. TrombaAI automates routine tasks, mitigates compliance risk, drives efficiency, and gains a deeper understanding of business needs with robust analytics and insights. TrombaAI supports collaboration for a remote HR workforce by streamlining the case management process with built-in best practices.


Implementing TrombaAI for HR with your HR function helps modernize your process using intelligent automation to eliminate the issues that paper-based procedures bring. Paperless HR can benefit your organization in several ways: it frees HR teams from the burden of filling in forms, updating spreadsheets, and filing paper documents. It replaces these tasks with automated processes and soft-copy files, giving them back the valuable time they can use to carry out activities that contribute to business success. Also, the HR function is likely to experience fewer errors and benefit from a higher degree of accuracy. Furthermore, documents are stored digitally, making them easy to find and well-organized, and automated HR processes are less prone to mistakes.

Errors have many business costs. Use TrombaAI to capture, separate, and verify HR documents with complete accuracy. Take tedious paperwork and onboarding tasks out of human hands. With digital documents and our HR solution, onboarding and exit interviews can undergo near-total automation. TrombaAI can take out the tedious work and leave the humans to the meaningful tasks: making decisions.

TrombaAI can integrate with third-party services to execute identity verification. TrombaAI helps you make sure that nothing "falls through the cracks," "enters a black hole," or the proverbial "not my job can." Our solution guarantees instant, error-free integration across systems with built-in connectors and the ability to add connectors to meet specific customer requirements.

Move past paper forms. Automate the HR employee forms and data capture using Tromba Technologies' automation platform. Take tedious data entry tasks out of the hands of employees and place them under the care of our always-accurate TrombaAI for HR.

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