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TrombaAI for Invoices


Accounts payable organizations are under increasing pressure to lower costs, but manual invoice processing and paper-based AP create people-intensive and inefficient processes. A poor ability to proactively manage cash and weak controls exacerbate the problem. There's a better way – TrombaAI for Invoices.

Manual and inefficient processes, combined with multiple, complex requirements for invoicing, and ensuring global compliance, quickly becomes overwhelming in a high-volume situation. AP departments use TrombaAI to increase their visibility and eliminate inefficiencies dramatically. Paper-based and manual processes, lack of insight into business activities or project status, and inflexible solutions make goals hard to accomplish. Intuitive AP automation solutions make it easier for employees, management, and executives to conquer their daily tasks quickly, easily, and efficiently.

As invoices arrive in emails or are scanned in a browser, TrombaAI immediately processes the invoices to begin the payment process. Invoices are routed according to defined business rules, quickly providing the validated data to processors, approvers, ERPs, or other financial systems. TrombaAI can also manage associated tasks, such as generating PO requests and managing vendor contracts.

Are your AP resources tied up with Vendors for maintenance and invoice resolution? Move to TrombaAI's self-service vendor portal. Vendors can update their master information, upload new invoices, and upload corrected invoices for resolution purposes.

TrombaAI can integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to provide automated invoice capture, process management, and analytics. TrombaAI delivers multiple levels of value to AP, from paper digitization to role-based invoice exception handling.


Instead of managing and routing invoices physically or via email, TrombaAI simplifies processing invoices and payments. Using TrombaAI to automate time-consuming manual duties, AP personnel spend less time chasing paperwork and confirming approvals. This allows your AP personnel to spend more time improving your organization, while TrombaAI improves your invoice processing accuracy and efficiency.

With TrombaAI for Invoices, process information from invoices and other AP documents faster, more productively, more accurately, and with better visibility. You will improve not just internal operations but supplier relations. TrombaAI's information-rich AP process automation allows you to assess invoice due dates for leveraging early payment discounts, manage operator workloads and improve invoice cycle times.

AP personnel have a complete to-do list in today's demanding, quick-turnaround work environment. TrombaAI can help them rest easy with its intuitive, all-encompassing automated solution that easily integrates with existing accounting systems. TrombaAI also has a centralized Analytics dashboard to save time and provide strategic business insights to improve processes.

IP and AP automation can automate invoice receipt, classification, data extraction, and approval. Digitized invoices—no matter what original format they arrived in—and other AP-related documents such as credit memos are instantly available for compliance and internal visibility.

As an AP professional knows, timely payment is only half the struggle. TrombaAI can help your organization overcome everyday tasks while ensuring that your data is consistent, compliant, and secure. That way, you're prepared for anything the workday might bring, whether tracking down a vendor payment or preparing for an annual audit.

By radically transforming and simplifying the information-intensive and error-prone interactions that typify AP processes, TrombaAI helps you increase the flexibility of financial operations, from the digitization of invoices to full AP process automation and optimization.

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